Montana From Carter

Dad already wrote about the first day so I will start out on the second day. We arrived at Big Sky Mountain around 11 o’clock and got tickets for the mountain coaster. Here is a picture of Dad on it. It was the first time we had seen our cousins in 6 years so it was nice to see them again.

After that we drove down to a local disk golf course and played for about 2 hours. We were all hot and sweaty so we headed down to the lakefront for a swim. Below is a picture of disk golf and the lake.

Day three Amelia and Bryce had work so we went to a small local water park for the day. It was nice because it was pretty hot out. In the afternoon we did some shopping in town and picked Amelia up from work. After that we headed to a local ice cream shop which was delicious 🤤. The fourth and final day we headed down to white fish lake and rented two paddle boards. Yes we went swimming every day, we were in a heat wave. After the lake we went and watched Amelia’s soccer scrimmage. Below is a picture of the lake.

We got out pretty early the next morning because we had a long drive to Yellowstone. We were staying on the west entrance which is technically still in Montana. Some of the things where pretty indescribable so I’m just going to put a bunch of photos from the first day. 😃

You may have noticed we are kayaking in one photo and that is because we did a sunset paddle on lake Yellowstone! We paddled for three hours and even saw some small geysers. The next morning Dad worked and Mom, Spence, and I went to see old faithful. Old faithful erupts every 90 minutes give or take. We ended up having to wait an hour but it was totally worth it.

To end off the day we went on a horse ride on a ranch near our camp sight. Towards the end of the tour we saw another persons horse start to run really fast randomly and could not be controlled. Spencer was laughing hard.

And that brings an end to Yellowstone. Our next major stops will be the badlands and Mount Rushmore.

2 responses to “Montana From Carter”

  1. Ronni Schwartz Avatar
    Ronni Schwartz

    Great update and beautiful pictures! The mountain coaster looks fun!!


  2. I am certainly enjoying your journey. The picture you loaded are amazing, especially as taken with the phone, I surmise. I may want to put them in the tiles that are available for mounting photos.


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