Spokane from Jason’s Perspective

Leaving Mount Hood, the eastern part of Oregon and just north into central Washington, the route to Spokane, quickly became a relatively flat and somewhat arid area.

Proof that Dana drives, somewhere north and east of Mount Hood Oregon

Spokane, Washington is home to the Merglers, Jeff and Viktoria. Jeff had Covid the week before we arrived so out of caution we stayed at an RV resort on the outskirts of town. The RV park was associated with a casino and was brand new, so the facilities were top notch. The pool was a welcome break from the near 100 degree heat. Hot in the sun and cool in the shade, western heat is very tolerable.

Upon arrival we went to eat sushi for dinner. It was a splurge but we all needed a dose of things we missed (since we had to wait to sleep on a mattress again).

Jeff (aka Magellan) and I set out mountain biking on Mount Spokane the next day. Western mountain biking trails are proving to be, for the most part, buffed with a dirt or pine needle surface. There are little to no rocky and wood strewn crossings. It’s a welcome and beautiful landscape with amazing vistas.

Later in the day, the Merglers and Weinsteins walked downtown Spokane. A classic car show was setting up toward the end of our walking tour. Dinner at Chez Mergler was a welcome end to the day.

Spokane departure day was easy and we were passing through the panhandle of Idaho. In a place called “Athol” (how do you pronounce it?), we were advised to seek out Farragut State Park, home of five disc golf courses. The boys and I played one of the courses. Dana volunteered to bring the dogs to the water since they were uneasy being left alone. The course was fun. Afterward we found a bar on the nearby beachfront of Bayview, Idaho, on the edge of a mountain-surrounded lake. It was an amazing place.

Bayview, Idaho

We arrived in Montana later that day to visit the Remleys, Dana, Allen, Bryce, Amelia and Hazel. This stop is our longest of the whole trip. A welcome break after nearly four weeks on the road. Greeted with actual mattresses, warm showers and smiling faces, it has been great being in Montana.

Our first full day was a river day in the Remley boat and five other friend boats and kayaks, traveling down the North Fork of the Flathead River. That part of the river borders Glacier National Park. The river was a warm 50 degrees and after baking in the 85 to 90 degree sun, it was a pleasure to get in, and then get out immediately. We found a bunch of spots to have lunch, and then jump off rocks. The kids had super soakers, though some of the adults were better at super soaking the kids. It was a grand adventure and one of the best days of the trip.

Our second Montana day was a lazy sleep-in day, followed by going up to Whitefish resort and riding the Alpine slide. Dana and I got one run in. And, wouldn’t you know, i fell off the sled on the second turn. It was the sled for it kept leaning to one side of the track. My knee and shoulder skid on the track, just a flesh wound. Then we set off to play disc golf at, what we discovered to be, an unfinished course. After three holes we called it a day and went to nearby Whitefish Lake. The Lake was refreshing and most of us swam out to a floating platform, where we proceeded to do the penguin. (See video)

Montana…to be continued.

2 responses to “Spokane from Jason’s Perspective”

  1. I love your tale of the west Jason. I am so enthralled by your journey which had been getting better and better. I thought there wouldn’t be any more drama and then you fell off the Alpine Sled!!?🤯🤬


  2. Another county heard from! Awesome post, Jason- 3 states for the price of 1. Keep up the maximum fun.


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