Mt. Hood: Spencer’s Perspective

Yeeeeeeeees! Ladies and gentlemens i am back and boy do I have to say Oregon or organ 😏 is OMAGA. But before i tell ya about that we are going to take a trip back to cali where we stayed in the red woods which was simply mind bogleing and neck destroying.

Anywayyyyyyy we set off to Oakland. Yes we are going back down into cali…just kidding there’s an Oakland organ (organ spelled wrong on porpoise) anyway we stayed at a harvest host which was a winery and it ‘twas beautiful it ‘twas made there so mom and dad had a nice wine tasting so they were happy, me and Carter only had a few glasses and it was 👌. Anyway unlike Tennessee we weren’t the only ones there! We had two other older couples whom where super friendly. We were up till like 10:00 talking and stuff so that ‘twas nice.

We got out of Oakland pretty quickly and set off for Mt. Hood! We were super exited and you’ll see why soon 😉. Ok so we got to Mt. Hood set up and did all that nonsense before lying down for a good nights sleep before in the morning we woke up nice and early tooooo……………………. Go Summer skiing!!!!!!!!!! Mom didn’t go because she had to work but Dad, Carter and I got there and got our rentals. Witch were…Um… 😂.

I don’t want to say these helmets and skis and poles are ugly and weird buuuuut they just are 😂 (and we had no goggles 😂)

Anyway we skied a nice half day before stopping in for lunch at an all you can eat lunch. Witch we payed 15$ for me. And I hadn’t eaten breakfast so I made them pay 😈. After lunch dad was to tired so he and mom went back to run the dogs in the river whilst carter and I skied until the lifts closed at 2:00. After though the day kept getting better because we went to a out door adventure park thing located on the side of a mountain. They had an alpine slide and we kinda did that like, A LOT OF TIMES.

Next stop: Spokane, WA!

4 responses to “Mt. Hood: Spencer’s Perspective”

  1. Audrey Schaefer Avatar
    Audrey Schaefer

    So entertaining and sounds like an amazing day!!


  2. Ronni Schwartz Avatar
    Ronni Schwartz

    Fabulous! Love the pictures and Spencer’s descriptions of the trip.


  3. Jane Buchanan Avatar
    Jane Buchanan

    Weinsteins! I continue to love getting these updates + photos and so glad for you that they are Covid-free! CA beach, Redwoods, Mount Hood skiing… Love it. Carter, Spencer, Dana- you capture it all so well. How about a guest spot from Jason one of these days? xo


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