Carter in Oregon

This blog will be only about our adventures in Oregon so far. The first thing was get lunch from Trillium Cefe and Bakery. The food and baked goods were delicious and was a nice welcome into Oregon. The next stop was a river for the dogs to swim in, as they had been in the car all day. Spencer took a dip with the dogs and the water was surprisingly warm. This drive was one of the prettiest of the trip and was saw the top of the glacier from miles away. I’ve been looking forward to our Oregon stop so this was very exiting for me. After we set up the camper we got all of our ski clothes organized for the next day. Mount Hood Oregon is the only lift operated mountain in North America that runs year round. It was about 50 degrees at the top of the mountain so we planned accordingly. Because Mom had a meeting at 6:30 and the lifts only operated until 2 PM Mom set the alarm till 5 AM. Fast forward to the next morning and Mom woke us up by screaming “It’s 6:25 everyone wake up!!!” (She realized she set her alarm for 5:45PM instead of AM) Luckily Mom pushed back her meeting and we got to the mountain around 7. It took about half an hour to set up our rentals and we got skis, boots, and helmets. In the 95% of the people who were skiing were racers as the mountain holds week long camps. The parks opened at 10:00 so we skied groomers until then. There were two parks, One reserved for camps and people who pay extra and the public one. The public one (the one we rode on) had a small half pipe and two jumps. I’ve always wanted to ski a half pipe and today I did. Below are pictures of the mountain.

For lunch Mom found this place in the lodge which was an all you can eat buffet for $25 each. I ate steak and mashed potatoes with four pieces of bread with butter. After lunch Dad was done skiing so it was just Spencer and I until 2:00. While we skied Mom and Dad went home and took the dogs to a river close to us. We did a few more laps on the mountain and then headed down to rental repair. It. Was such a cool and unique experience to ski in the summer and definitely something I will never forget.

(This is Dana writing now)
We had an epic day. I told Carter to pretend it was his birthday because we did all of his favorite things. The boys skied from 7am-2pm (while I worked at the lodge). Then we played a half a round of disc golf, and went on an Alpine Slide. I don’t think it was possible to pack anymore in one day! Even the dogs had a good day, with lots of swimming in the river at our campsite.

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  1. Oregon looks beautiful! I told Maddy you were skiing and she started cracking up. She said, “The Weinsteins ski on every vacation, even in the summer!” Lol. I’m surprised Jason cut the ski day short! Those are such lucky dogs! 🤣

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    1. Hi legs were tired and he wasn’t happy with the rental equipment 😘


  2. Philip Weinstein Avatar
    Philip Weinstein

    So happy you experienced these events; memories forever. The variety astounds me. And also the joy you express is so special.
    I’ve taken the trip from Spokane to Kalispell. Coer d’alene views of their water ways is wonderful. The climb and descent of the mountain into Montana is challenging. There are some breathtaking views when you head north. I think it is route 135; there is a big restaurant there. It is fly fishing heaven.
    Safe travels and enjoy!
    Love, Dad


  3. I’m smiling as I catch your happiness in the pictures. Maddy was absolutely correct about the Weinstein skiing obsession. Phil has certainly left his legacy for the next generations.


  4. Lauren Lefkowitz Avatar
    Lauren Lefkowitz

    I’m so glad you’re having such an amazing trip!!


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