Bodega Bay, CA. & the Redwoods National Forest

We enjoyed a one night stay in Bodega Bay, California. Our campground was a state park- No hook ups – and right on the beach. The dogs loved it: taking swims in the ocean the night we got there and the morning before we packed up to go. Our routine for the camper is:

  • When we arrive, I take the dogs for a walk or distract them while the boys get to work
  • Jason masterfully backs in the camper now (a few minor mistakes, but for the most part, he’s got it down)
  • Spencer jumps out and helps line us up with the sewer/water, if any
  • Carter gets the bikes out first (all 4 bikes are jammed inside the camper as we drive
  • Jason & Spencer get the hook ups all set. Spencer puts down the leveling jacks and makes sure we are level.
  • Feed dogs, if it’s time. They are happy to be out of the car and fed and watered.
  • Set up outdoor table, put table cloth on picnic table, take out carpet if staying for more than one night.
  • Tie up the leashes for the dogs so they can chill out by the picnic table

And when we leave, we just reverse all that. We’ve gotten it down to about an hour, depending on the camp ground and the mood we’re all in. I don’t do much for the set up and break down- I take care of the dogs. My role is largely food and activity planning.

As one might expect, when you’re on a 6 week trip there needs to be come car maintenance in the middle. We were at the point when we needed an oil change, an engine filter, and finally got our spare tire mounted (the tire on the wheel). While we were there, we got a car wash, vacuum, and wiped all the paw prints off the seats and windows. We handled this yesterday, in Mckinleyville, California.

I learned from the RV facebook pages I am on that there is such a thing as Mobile RV Repair. A few days ago we found water leaking under our shower, and Jason couldn’t find the source of the leak. I called Bob and he came right out to our campsite in the afternoon. This was a very productive maintenance day. Bob fixed it and went on his way.

This is proof of how helpful the boys are being extremely helpful!

We enjoyed a quick one night in Bodega Bay, California

We were right on the beach

This is really the only brag-worthy meal we made. We bought fresh caught salmon and WOW it was good! Spencer mixed in some seaweed and made it like a poke bowl.

These Redwoods really blew our minds. It’s hard to believe how old and large they are!

Our next stop was Elk Creek Campground. I was bummed because we didn’t see elk for the first day. But the second morning we woke up, and there they were!

I also got a little more painting time in

Then we hit the road again – our first time in Oregon! (Which I totally can’t pronounce and Jason keeps making fun of me)

We stopped and let the dogs and kids run their energy out. It’s been a lot of car time so this was much needed!

We are staying tonight at another Harvest Host location, Meadows Estate Winery. It’s so pretty here! Jason and I got a chance to do a wine tasting and are enjoying talking to 3 other RVs that are camping here tonight.

We get to park in their parking lot and purchase some good wine! Not bad!

6 responses to “Bodega Bay, CA. & the Redwoods National Forest”

  1. Omg! What a time you are having. It appears that you just can’t stop having the best vacation ever (except when you had to deal with Covid, flat tires, bleeding cuts, etc. etc). And next skiing in July.


  2. Wowww those trees. Love the northwest! Oregon like the musical instrument! You are all seasoned pros now.


  3. Great teamwork, Weinsteins! Who climbed the highest on those monster trees?!


  4. Philip Weinstein Avatar
    Philip Weinstein

    I continue to be blown away by your adventures. The scenery is beautiful. This all reminds me of my small attempt at giving my children a taste of nature; it was called “an adventure.” The children including their friends and I travelled over the Ap-gap to walk in the streams near Bristol. Afterwards we would get “creamies (custard).
    My Saturday trip pales in comparison to your journey.
    Keep enjoying !


  5. Great stuff! And love the paintings so far too 🙂


  6. I had no idea there is mobile RV repair. And I’m sure I would even have thought of needing an oil change while you were on the road!


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