Spencer pro-spective of… de ultimate trip of 13 (maybe 14) lifetimes!!!!

That was kinda weird… anywayyyyyyyyyyy I’m back, I’ve been tryin to find the time to write but Cali has been pretty cool. Last I left off was our first stop in California (we have 5) But mom has already written about it soooo we start of at this next edition offfffff.. being too young to do everything at thee KOA! Yeah, we were at the Avila beach KOA this was a two night stop so our only plans were to just go to the beach and that’s exactly what we did, we biked there and it was kinda crowded but not TOO crowded, anyway the was very cold so we started byyyyy… Being buried in the sand! 😃 in good old fashion Weinstein fashion!

Then we took a stop at a French bistro (must read in French ascent) for lunch and got good sandwiches. Then we biked back to the camp ground. on our way we stoped at a little farm that had pastries and beer. Then once we got back to the camp ground we went swimming at the pool and that was our afternoon. The next day we headed to Yosemite (read yose like rose just with a y and mite like mighty) when we got to Yosemite we plopped down and settled in. And that was that day… SIKE, our next door neighbor made friends with dad. His name was mike and he was a real one. And he was cultured because his dogs name was chewey. (If you get it you get it, if you dont, well, you dont 😏) But day one in Yosemite started off a little bit bumpy because it was mom’s first day she had to work, so she and dad took the car to a hotel near by with free Wi-Fi so we didn’t get to Yosemite till like 10:30. But on the way down to the valley, we were shocked by what we saw.

If you don’t know there is a fire in Yosemite right now, it’s ok though because it’s controlled so don’t worry but that’s why the photos might be a little bit hazy but you get the idea we were amazed! But once we got into the valley we took a nice long hike to vernal falls which was super up hill but you already know ya boy didnt have no problems with it 😏. It was worth it though because the falls were amazing 🤩 .

I think that’s Carter’s finger btw sorry 😒

It was really cool, if you look close you can see the rainbow that it was making. And look at the grass on the hill, it was super green which was cool. Then we got back to the camp site and walked down a river near the camper with the dogs before having burgers for dinner. (While dad made the burgers he talked to mike 😎) Anyway day two at Yosemite we got to a much much quicker start than day one. While we were on our way down we stoped to Do a two mile relatively not big inclines or declines hike to go see the giant sequoias!

They were huge simply put and my proof is that after my neck hurt from looking up. After that we drove another 9 miles to the same valley from day one and we got lunch at a hotel. This wasn’t just any hotel though, look at this picture and see try and find out what’s special. (10$ you can’t guess, no cheating.)

Do you know?

The set of the movie “The Shinning” was inspired by the hotel, and the design of the blood elevators are those elevators! Anyway after lunch we took another hike that was about 3 miles in total to lower Yosemite falls. Witch fun fact, that whole water fall upper Yosemite falls and lower combines to be the second biggest waterfall in the world!

Hopefully you can see the separator from upper and lower Yosemite falls.

That was a really cool hike and me and dad hiked up to the base of the falls and got some cool pictures.

After that we went back up to the campsite and had burgers again and dad talked to mike 😎 again. The following day I got us out of Yosemite and we headed to Bodega bay which is wine contrey so mom and dad are happy witch is actually where in at now. Once we got to the bay we ploped down again and went to dinner which was a nice seafood place since we are near the ocean. Oh yeah we are about two hours north of San Francisco. After dinner we went whale watching, but didnt see any whales. But we saw a seal and a bunch of people filming a car comersial it was really cool. Anyway ima go to sleep now so i will give you some extra pictures but I’m out. Cya.

Carter jumping into Rainbow Pool
We worked at this beautiful inn for their Wi-Fi!

5 responses to “Spencer pro-spective of… de ultimate trip of 13 (maybe 14) lifetimes!!!!”

  1. Philip Weinstein Avatar
    Philip Weinstein

    Thank you so much for both the commentary and the beautiful pictures.
    So exciting to hear and see your exploits.
    When do you do you expect to get to Dana ?
    Keep enjoying!


  2. Beautiful pictures! Yo-Semite! Wassup?


  3. So Dana, put this on your extensive to do list when you get home: photoshop Carter’s finger out of that otherwise perfect photo. Seriously, though I am amazed by Spencer’s total love of the trip. I hope Carter, the exemplary teenager, also is as excited about his sacrifice in going on a trip with his PARENTS. I think that this amazing journey may have inspired both boys to aspire to many travels in the future.


  4. Spencer, in view of your penchant for beautiful water falls here are two suggestions: Iguazu Falls in Brazil (which your mom and I visited) and Victoria Fall in Africa.


  5. Spencer Weinstein Avatar
    Spencer Weinstein

    That was super great writing Spencer.


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