Carters Point of view of California

We will start after the Zoo which Mom has already written about. We stayed at another KOA at Avila beach. After feeding the dogs in the morning we biked two miles down to the beach. It wasn’t too crowded and we found a spot relatively easily. Whilst Mom and Dad sun bathed, Spencer and I played in the water and took turns burying each other. Here is a picture of Spencer buried!

We stopped for a nice French lunch on the boardwalk then biked home. At the beginning of the day we noticed my tire was flat and it came back and bit me on the butt. On the bike home my tire completely flattened. Luckily Dad brought the pump so it was a good temporary solution. On the bike home we stopped in this “hidden garden” area which, not surprisingly had a garden! They also had a food truck with beer and a few pastries.

(This is Dana) At the time of this writing, we are in Yosemite. Cell reception and Wi-Fi are both very poor. Carter had to end his writing because we couldn’t save the post due to poor reception. I am taking over just to post it! This one night stop in Avila Beach was really fun. It was our first time to a Pacific coast beach and was a great taste of California. BTW, the boys are fighting over who gets to write the blog! How cool is that? Next post: Yosemite!

9 responses to “Carters Point of view of California”

  1. Glad you are enjoying California. Great state! How is the overall driving; tiring, or okay because you are stopping enough?


    1. There certainly is a lot of driving! And it’s stressful towing the camper and filling up with gas so often. But worth it for the wonderful views and interesting change of scenery


  2. Looks awesome!


  3. What is it with y’all (Southern influence, sorry), everyone has a chance to have a flat tire? Seriously, glad you are having a blast on this trip (oops, not literally).


  4. Pamela Kaufman Avatar
    Pamela Kaufman

    Wow! The trip looks so fun! Thanks for sharing.


  5. Philip Weinstein Avatar
    Philip Weinstein

    “Whilst” is not often used. So much for this wonderful flair for the English language.
    Thank you for letting us join you during your travels. It is heartwarming.
    All’s well here. About to go out for a lesson with Roger.
    Enjoy Yosemite.


  6. Audrey Schaefer Avatar
    Audrey Schaefer

    So excited to read another post! I hope you all are feeling well – you look healthy!


    1. yes! We are all healthy. Thankfully Jason and Spencer didn’t catch it, and Carter and I are no longer coughing. So happy about that. : )


  7. Kimberly Sirota Gallagher Avatar
    Kimberly Sirota Gallagher

    Hi guys! Love the updates & watching this trip unfold before my very eyes. Sounds like you guys are dealing with any minor or major issues calmly & swiftly! So glad to hear that Jason & Spencer never caught Covid from you two! I feel like you guys got to the west coast so fast, ha. A trip of a lifetime!


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