Spencer’s perspective of the trip By Spencer

The damand has been sky high for me latly so I figured that its time i give people what they have been needing and wanting. So here is your next version of your favorite perspective on my trip. Soooo where did i leave off? Ahhhhhh yes thee Arkansas. The dull state. We left Arkansas and headed to New Mexico! I got to sit in the front because it was covid in the back non covid up front AKA. Cool people up front, and then the other people in back 😎. We passed through the border and about one hour in we stoped at a swimming hole called the blue hole. You have probably heard about this from other more 😑 blogs so i will just keep going. We got to our KOA where we were staying for the night and settled down for our last one day stop! Once we woke up we got some free breakfast they were serving and jeorneyed to the grandest of caynons! (Dun Dun DUNNNNN!!!!!) Once we got to the site we had burgers and tried to hurry to a viewing point of the sunset. However not all of us are able to hurry 😒. So once we got to the edge of the trail the unnamed in hurryer was like “nope too dark, we missed it.” And me I look up and see the sun still on the horizon. So that was the end of that , the next day me and carter woke up at 5:00 to take the dogs out because mom tiss was not well so we were tired by the end of the day. Howeverrrrrr we went on a big Jeep tour thingy that took three hours. It was really cool and we found a rock that looked like a duck, I named him jefferey.

After that we went to the general store and i got a sick hat, and we got our shot glass and stucker (for those of y’all people’s who’s donts know we collecting shot glasses and stickers.) that was pretty much all she wrote for day numero uno at the grandest of canyons. Day 2 i woke up at 4:45 because me and the parents wanted to see the sunrise, so we did.

After we came back and did a 1 1/2 mile hike down the grandest of canyons witch btw i totally schooled i had to wait for the others like 15 times both ways so i guess I’m just 💪 Like that. That was amazing btw.

Then we got lunch at so we got lunch at a local restraunt then we went to the geology museum witch tells you about the grandest of canyons history. Did you know it used to be a body of water. It really puts the oceans in perspective 😳. Then we we tuckered out and came back to the camp site to rest for the rest of the evening…. SIKE! I ain’t resting while were here. I took a 3 mile bike ride witch took me a monsterus 30ish minutes 💪. Then we rested though occasionally throwing frisbee but other wise resting. Then we cooked delicious stake for din-din and that’s pretty much it. There’s only one more thing I need to share and that is that mom and dad are…uh…making me take a shower!!!!!!

That’s me practicing for my bar mitzva and that white shirt, yeah that thing. Has a lot of mud on it 😂

So I was going to just end there butttt i wrote this yesterday witch is the day carters came out 😒. But its for the better because our drive from the grandest of canyons to cali took us 12 HOURS! And this is why. Before we left, we had figured out after much looking that we lost our keys for the camper. Luckily we had a backup key… Buttttttt we have a little side latch that stores important stuff that we use to hook up. How ever that key is universal so we borrowed someone else’s and then we were able to give it back. A couple hours in we stop at a in’n’out burger witch is a west coast only fast food chain. It litteraly only had four things on the menu but, it was sooooo good 🤤. Then we stoped at a camping store and got a new key for our side door. (We actually got 2 just in case 😂) however we had several hours left on the trip so we went on. However I would not be writing this if everything went smoothly. We were a little bit outside of the border of California whennnnnnnnn the left tire on our camper…Completly fell off.

Soooo that took about 2-3 hours for us to fix so now we were back on the road. At one point we stoped for gas and it was 8.50 for a gallon 😮! So yeah that was pretty much that whole experience 😂. We had to stop for subway for dinner and set the camper up at 10:00 at night. Then we all passed out 😂. This morning we woke up got breakfast at a really good place I forgot what it was called and now we are going tooooooooooooo… Disney land!

I miss Jeffery 😔

8 responses to “Spencer’s perspective of the trip By Spencer”

  1. Spence,
    This is so great. I feel that I’m there with you. However, I really got tired on our Grand Canyon hike. Keep writing and when you get back home I think that you should publish your “grand great trip”.


  2. Give the people what they want Spencer! Glad to know you are killin’ it on the hiking and biking. You can thank your parents for your superior genes!


  3. The grandest blog entry for the grandest of canyons. Well done, sir!


  4. Ronni Schwartz Avatar
    Ronni Schwartz

    Awesome blog entry! I love your view of the grandest of canyons and Jeffrey. I think you’re a total badass practicing for your Bar Mitzvah with the headlamp out there.


  5. Love your enthusiasm and excitement. I cannot believe all the energy that you have to do everything you are doing. Love the picture of you studying as well. Everyone is so proud of you.


  6. Philip Weinstein Avatar
    Philip Weinstein

    Sorry to hear of the tire and keys but you all are safe. I sound so old. Keep enjoying!!!!


  7. courtneyreinisch Avatar

    Thank you for the fantastic pictures. I look forward to one day trying an In-N-Out Burger based on Spencer’s review. I can’t believe you lost a tire and a key. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tire fall off of a vehicle so that was a first.

    Love the reviews of the Grandest of canyons. Enjoy Disneyland.


  8. Andrew wagshul Avatar
    Andrew wagshul

    Awesome Spencer! Truly a master story teller! Maybe the first kid to do a haftorah in the Grand Canyon?!?!


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