Carter has covid + other things and the Grand Canyon

Carter’s Perspective

The reason that I have not been able to blog yet this trip is a because I got covid. My throat started feeling scratchy the second night and the next morning I woke up feeling feverish. I stayed bed ridden that day and eventually took a covid test that came back positive. The symptoms I had was an itchy throat, fever, and a little cough. For three days I was tired and in Bed all the time at our camp sights. Skip a few days later while we were passing through Albuquerque I requested to visit the filming destination of the popular show braking bad. The picture bellow is the house of the main character.


Because Mom has already talked about the petrified forest I wont talk about it and skip right to the Grand Canyon. The first night of arriving we only had time to set up and had dinner so we didn’t see the canyon until the next day. Unfortunately Mom caught covid from me and was hit the hardest on the first full day of activity. Me and spencer woke up at 5 am to take the dogs out so Mom could sleep in. The main activity planned was a Jeep tour. Around 10:30 a hummer came to our camp sight and picked us up. Our tour guide was named Gigi and was very nice. First she drove us to a nice viewing spot. Ill put pictures below don’t worry. The second spot Gigi took us to the spot where minors took copper out of the mines and we found little bits of oxidized copper. We walked along a short trail and went to a nook known to have good echos. We took turns yelling into the canyon and it echoed very loudly. That night we watched the sunset an Ill put pictures of everything below.

Dad made teriyaki chicken on the grill for dinner plus some Brussels sprouts on the side. Day two Mom Dad and Spencer woke up at 5 am to see the sun rise. I did not want to because I value sleep higher. The activity today was a hike down the canyon. Because of the heat we wanted to get out early. We did the 1.5 mile hike that went 1200 feet down into the Grand Canyon, The Bright Angel Trail.(pictures bellow.) This took a total of 2 hours and 15 minutes. When we got back we went to lunch at the recommended restaurant in the area. We had heard the elk burger were good and wanted to try them. Speaking of elk we have seen many around the camp sight and one even walked right by our trailer. The dogs barked a lot at the elk. After lunch we went to the geological museum and learned about the rock formations and saw some fossils. Below is pictures of the hike.

(This is Dana writing now) I came to the Grand Canyon as a kid with my parents, and it’s been a dream for many years to come back with my own kids. Before this trip, many people asked me: What are you most excited about? It’s this. The Grand Canyon. Each view is more spectacular than the previous. My parents weren’t the hiking type, so I didn’t hike here as a kid. It was so special to do together and I’m grateful I pushed through damn Covid. I am still feeling sick but not coughing or sneezing. They just reinstated the mask mandate in the park, so everyone was masked inside.

Camping details

We stayed at Trailer Village RV Park, which is inside the National Park. The campsite is wonderful for many reasons. Once we set up camp, we didn’t have to drive our own car again until we left, because we could take the free shuttle bus system. We could also bike to the Canyon, Market, and all the destinations. After 6 days of driving out here, that was a welcome relief! We also have a lovely shaded site, and the weather is a perfect 80 degree day. It got much hotter as we hiked down into the Canyon, but we had wonderful cooling towels which we wet and put around our necks for the hike. That was a life saver!

Not the greatest quality photo but we set up our string lights and did a bit of relaxing at the camper!

We LOVE the comments you send us! Happy July 4th! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday.

10 responses to “Carter has covid + other things and the Grand Canyon”

  1. Glad you are enjoying the trip. Sorry you have had to experience Covid while on your travels. It looks like you are recuperating fairly quickly, which is great and will still allow you to see and experience the beautiful country we have.


  2. Andrea Glaser Avatar
    Andrea Glaser

    Nice blog post, Carter! I like your details. Maddy also valued sleep over the sunrise at the Grand Canyon. 🙂 We were there exactly one year ago, to the day! Glad you had good weather for the hike!


  3. I love reading the blogs. You guys are so descriptive it almost feels as though I am thre again.
    Carter, I guess that you are taking pictures with your cell phone. It’s hard to believe how vivid the colors are. Hope you all continue to get better. Love you guys. Papa-do


  4. I enjoy all the photos. You have some spectacular shots. This type of trip really gets you to appreciate geology, which I took in college because of my trips out west as a child. I hope everyone will be back to normal in the next day or so, as you continue the adventure.


  5. Philip Weinstein Avatar
    Philip Weinstein

    I hope you, Dana, continue to get better and that you, Carter complete your recovery. The descriptions and pictures are wonderful. So exciting! Stay well and enjoy! Love, Dad, Poppy…

    Sent from my iPhone



  6. courtneyreinisch Avatar

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures of the Canyon. It is fun reading about your experience. Love the string lights. I hope you are feeling better soon!


  7. You guys are making the most of it!!! Feel better. We miss you at Sugar Run!


  8. Kimberly Sirota Gallagher Avatar
    Kimberly Sirota Gallagher

    Love watching the whole fam get in on the blog action! Carter: I’m glad you’re feeling better! Dane: I hope you’re on the mend too! Love the shots of the Grand Canyon and love the string lights!


  9. Wow, looks like so much fun and is so beautiful! I love hearing all of your perspectives. Carter, I am so with you on the sleep vs sunrise prioritization.

    Be gone Covid torment! So glad Carter is recovered and, Dana, really hoping you don’t suffer too badly for too long. Take care of her, guys!


  10. dana i am catching up on all your blog posts. your sons are great writers, as are you! i got choked up reading this one — grand canyon past and present — with a dash of covid for good measure. your most recent post with the watercolor was just lovely! do you like winslow homer? we saw his watercolors at the Met a few weeks ago, WOW. enjoy the rest of your trip!! 


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