Nashville, TN —> Little Rock, AK

Spencer’s Perspective

*cough cough* don’t worry I don’t have Covid I’m just preparing for another edition offfffffffff…Spencer’s super dope perspective😎. So yeah this is your obvious favorite perspective its not seriros at all and that doesn’t imply anything 😉. Ok i will get to the good stuff. The alpaca farm was really super unique and amazing. When you walk around the house you can see the most amazing view of the whatever their called mountains, this place was a really farm. It had a thing that makes wine like a lot of grapes and stuff they make their own wine, i thought that was cool. They also had a sewing mill thingy with a shop and stuff. We got a super cool alpaca fur carpet, the best part about their products is all the fur came from their alpacas! I felt weird knowing that these people are higher life forms than me 😂. We got to meet the alpacas pretty much right when we got there, my favorite was a 3 week old baby alpaca named shadow. I learned later all the alpacas names were special. Shadows full name was moon shadow, the reason why that was is because the night he was born their was a big shadow made from the moon. Anyway after the alpaca farm we drove another 4 hours to Nashville. This was my favorite stop so far, once we got their me and dad went to this super good bbq place and mom stayed back with carter because as we all know, he is 🤒. After bbq we went to a near by bass pro shops to get a shot glass for our collection we are making. We also got a sticker their to put on our bumper. Tennessee was super cool because it was a state not afraid to say the bad words. So stuff we found around said, “Cock of the Walk,” “Cumming,” “Anal Angst,” and, “Gaylord Opryland.” 😂!

They also had some cool license plates. I’m making a license plate collection so every state we got through i get a picture of their license plate. Oh yeah and the bass pro shops was also a mall, it was amazing with super unique stores. Their was even one that was named “Spencer’s” I guess i have a more common name than I thought. after me and dad got back from that adventure we went back to the KOA we were staying at and played games like horse shoe (witch i won btw 😏) The next morning me and dad packed up the car and we set off for Arkansas.

On the way to Arkansas we found the 5th biggest pyramid In the world I think 🤔. Guess what it was……..I bet you didnt guess another bass pro shops 😂. Anyway we stoped for lunch in Memphis and then soon after that we crossed the Mississippi River and smack dab in the middle of it was the “Welcome to Arkansas.” Sign

then we got to the camp ground, me and dad unhooked, and me mom and dad set off on a adventure in to down town Little Rock (witch was where we were staying) and we found a little shop and we got our Arkansas shot glass and sticker before going to a sea food restraunt witch was really good before heading back to the RV parking space, on the way back though we saw a really cool sunset.

Tomorrow the plan is the have breakfast then pack up and head our for Texas! And you know what’s really cool about this next stop, its that its located on the place where Disney took inspiration for the movie CARS!!!!!! 🚗 🚗 🚗 vroom vroom. Alright, dis boi is out of here I will probably write next at the Grand Canyon witch i think is this weekend so I be out bye. (This has been your version of, “Nashville TN->Little Rock AK. Writen by yours truly Spencer. Read by YOU produced by my moooooooooooom!) 🚗:)

Dana’s Perspective

We knew this trip would bring challenges, and I was expecting illness along the way, but Covid so early on has thrown a wrench in things. I amhappy to report at the time of this writing, Carter is feeling much better. His fever broke this morning and though he’s not well yet, I am no longer scared about his breathing and fever. Needless to say, I missed out on seeing Nashville. I did laundry at the campground to try to get rid of a few germs, but what can you do? We are all living in a camper that’s 9 ft x 21 ft large. Now Jason and I are waiting for Covid to catch us too.

We arrived at the campground in Little Rock and it was 90 degrees out. Rookie mistake: Our camper has a 30 amp power cord, and the campsite has 50 amp. It’s a different connection, and we didn’t have a converter. This trip would be so much harder without cell phones! We googled Camping World and found one 8 miles away. After driving 357 miles today, we had to get back in the car and thank goodness, they had what we needed. Without it: NO A/C – and that is just not an option.

It is interesting driving across the states and seeing the landscape change, and also the difference in campgrounds. Here’s a look at Nashville

The Little Rock campsite is urban and more like a parking lot. The appeal is the location- easy off the highway for a stopover, and a walk over the pedestrian footbridge to downtown.

Next stop: Texas Rt 66!

P.S. Spencer won’t let me edit his posts, so what you are reading is 100% his words. Sometimes I can’t help myself and I correct spelling here or there.

8 responses to “Nashville, TN —> Little Rock, AK”

  1. I think that Spencer is doing just fine (spelling and all). What a fantastic adventure.


  2. Heather Hamlin Avatar
    Heather Hamlin

    Love the update! If there was an award for “can do attitude” you all would be my nomination. Sending you all good vibes!!!


  3. So sorry you missed the glories of Nashvegas- you’ll have to make a return pilgrimage one of these days! There’s a bit more to it than BBQ and bad words, but those are certainly some of my faves too! 🤣 Glad Carter is on the mend. Be well everyone!


  4. Andrew Wagshul Avatar
    Andrew Wagshul

    Such awesome experiences and memories! Glad Carter is doing better. Great training for Spencer when he writes the next great American novel…

    Safe travels and enjoy!


  5. Philip Weinstein Avatar
    Philip Weinstein

    Thank you for taking the time to journal your escapades. The clarity and insights bring me along for the ride.
    Again, thank you!
    Love, Poppy


  6. Audrey Schaefer Avatar
    Audrey Schaefer

    Following this trip so closely!! We are so sorry about Carter and hope you guys stay well. It sounds like a (relatively)awesome experience so far!


  7. Absolutely loving all the “perspectives”. Vicarious living has its rewards: no Covid exposure, no heat, no insects…..just realized I can’t actually taste the barbecue or pet an alpaca🦙


  8. Oh, by the way, Gaylord Opryland includes that name of the Gaylord brand of hotels/entertainment venues. This bit of info comes from the time I took actual trips myself.🥲


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