First night: Cedar Creek State Park, West Virginia

Spencer’s Perspective:

Alright boys and girls, my highlight of the car ride was when we went to a barbecue place called mission BBQ (highly recommended), however, the food or even the place wasn’t even the highlight, it was a man, sitting at a table who looked so much like Aaron rodgers I had to get a picture.

Mom would rather show a photo of us than fake Aaron Rogers

The rest of the car ride was long, and we were listening to Harry Potter (audiobook) so I was happy. Personally, I thought it wasn’t that bad. Once we got to the camp site, which, by the way, had some very sketchy and thin roads leading up to it. But once we got to the camp site we settled down and started a game of scrabble, and we had dinner, or as like mom calls it din-din. However, we stayed in West Virginia for 2 nights because we wanted to see the stars. As dad described it West Virginia is paradise for a person who uses a telescope. So we took a peek outside and guess what. Yup guess because I’m going to stop writing now……..ha you thought! Na it was beautiful. I saw so many stars it was hard to imagine the horrible light polluted New Jersey skyline.

Day 2! DUN DUN DUN!!!! We woke up and had a mighty fine breakfast, if i do say so myself, and then we went exploring around the place. Oh yeah by the way we were totally off grid. It felt kinda nice sometimes. Other times it would have been nice to have data. Anyway we found a general store that had stuff in it. So, me and carter convinced mom and dad to let us collect shot glasses for the trip and we got our first one, a bear shaped shot glass. It’s pretty cool. Then we played mini golf because there was a course. Carter won off a hole-in-one. We were tied going into the last hole :(. Undeserving. Then we found a sick pool near the mini gold course and went back to get our bathing suits. We ate lunch before we went back to the pool then after lunch guess what, we went back and jumped in. ‘Twas quite nice if i do say so myself. Mom and Dad BARLY went in though. But me and Carter were in for a good 3 hours. I forgot what we did for the other 2 hours. They were probably spent going back and fourth from camper to pool because they were one mile away from each other on bike. Then we ate din-din which was so good we had burgers and they were quite nice. Now I found out I had a nasty sun burn on my shoulders so I’m sad now :(. Carter is currently failing at making a fire but now its really good. The plan is to have s’mores by the campfire and see the stars before setting out on a six hour drive to I don’t know where because i only know a couple destinations. 😃 (This is a spencer. Original text read by you. Produced by me, probably. We hope you enjoyed this version of First night: Cedar Creek State Park, West Virginia.)

Dana’s Perspective

Spencer summed it up well. I’d like to add: There was absolutely no cell reception at the campsite, and it was refreshing for all of us. We got some tips on how to make this less stressful for the dogs and it worked like a charm! Jason’s sister Lisa gave us doggy peanut butter which I put in 2 Kong toys for them. The new toy and the licking of the peanut butter helped them adjust.

Campsite activities included biking 1 mile to this mini golf course and pool. We made friends with our neighbors at the campsite who also were on their second trip in their camper! They had 2 kids who took our kids into the creek to look for craw daddy’s. This is exactly what this trip is about!

We left the campsite Monday morning and Carter woke up with a scratchy throat. Throughout the day, he felt worse and worse and started to run a fever. We were in the car on a 6 hour drive: West Virginia to Virginia and then Tennessee.

Tennessee does not disappoint!

Our first Harvest Host spot: Not a campground, this is a location that agrees to host campers on their property. Two Roots Alpaca Farm is beautiful! The owner, Ruth Ann, gave us a private introduction to her Alpacas. And I say introduction because she knows all 57 by name! They are her babies, and one of them is 3 weeks old and being bottle fed every 3 hours!

At this point, Carter was starting to cough and still had a fever. Back at the camper, I took out a Covid test…

We made it 2 and a half years dodging Covid, and it finally caught us. Carter tested positive. We are on the road and there’s no social distancing with each other in the camper. So, finger’s crossed that Jason and I don’t catch it. Spencer just got his booster shot 2 weeks ago so he’s safe, in theory. Next Stop: Nashville!

9 responses to “First night: Cedar Creek State Park, West Virginia”

  1. Andrew Wagshul Avatar
    Andrew Wagshul

    WV sounds like the perfect way to start the family adventure! So sorry to hear about a Carter. Hope he gets better fast and you all stay safe. Happy trails! Cheers. Andy


  2. Way to go!! Love it! Glad you are having fun and the doggies are getting used to it! Fingers crossed you all stay Covid-free! xo and woof!


  3. Philip Weinstein Avatar
    Philip Weinstein

    Thank you for such a detail recollection of your activities. Kudos to the writers.
    It is in the 60s here and I am dealing with the challenge of inclement weather. The trip up went quickly but the stress of lifting both my luggage bag and the golf bag has taken a toll. I am about to rest on a heating pad then go food shopping. The bed is great!
    Love to all


  4. Looks like a fun start to a great trip! Good luck and good weather in your travels! Love, Uncle Ronnie

    Sent from my iPad



  5. Lenore Delman Avatar
    Lenore Delman

    Sounds great!! Hope carter is having an easy time!! Spencer’s perspective is illuminating with lots of great details!! I’m all about the details!! Love Nana, Lenore

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  6. Andrea Glaser Avatar
    Andrea Glaser

    Loved Spencer’s perspective! Sucks about the Covid.


    1. Dana grew up with a drama queen (moi) and has been unable to avoid dramatic scenarios. this has been a family secret that is now blooming forth with rather distressing results. However, there will be a happy ending to what now is a cliffhanger. The good news is that the alpacas provided some comedy relief.

      Oh, by the way, the screenplay of this episode is not fake news, unfortunately. Just letting you know in case you think Dana has made it up to get more clicks. Although Spencer inherited the gene as well (drama king).


  7. Kimberly Sirota Gallagher Avatar
    Kimberly Sirota Gallagher

    OMG, not Covid!! If there is a positive way to look at it (?), perhaps it is that you will get it out of the way at the top of the trip & be able to enjoy the rest of the trip. Fingers & toes crossed that no one else gets Covid. Love Spencers account of the trip so far- he’s got a blooming career in writing! Love reading/watching your journey!


  8. Great first official post, bad news about CarterCovid. Overall, and this is totally unbiased…as a graduate with a writing degree…we need, no, DEMAND more Spencer posts. At least one per week. Excellent recap Spence. FYI I went to Mission BBQ earlier this year and it was fantastic. I did not see AArod, though. Keep on truckin, and feel better CJ!


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