Packing, Organizing & Amazon Ordering

How would you pack for a 6 week road trip to climates unknown? 🤷‍♀️ The good news is that it’s very convenient having the camper parked in the driveway. If we had to store it off-site then this would be a HUGE challenge. It brings us joy just to be in the camper and organizing it. Let me be clear: Jason is the organizer. I pile everything by the door ready to go and he finds a place for it. Often, I try to pack things just to find it re-packed later. The photo above of all my stuff looking very organized is staged. This neatness will unravel into truly messy piles! Packing cubes are helping. We just have to remember which cubes have what inside them.

Food planning has stumped me a little bit. I made lots of pre-formed burgers and froze them, so we can pull them out individually. I looked up some “campfire meal” recipes and made these foil packs with chicken parmigiana inside them:

Future camp fire meals

These foil packs are filled with chicken, marinara sauce, zucchini & mushrooms. We can put them in the camp fire to cook. I hope they come out yummy!

This week has been filled with moments of, “Oh, shoot, we need a lock for all the bikes if we leave them at the campground!” Click to order. Thanks Amazon. Last minute dentist appointments and haircuts. Jason had his six-month dental cleaning on Monday. The Dentist said, “You have a tooth back here that has to come out. Soon. You don’t want to be in the middle of the Grand Canyon and have a tooth ache.” And Dr. Fried didn’t even know about our trip. Jason called the oral surgeon from the parking lot and went directly there to have the tooth extracted. We got so lucky that he got this checked before we went! The tooth was infected and cracked. It had to come out. We will deal with an implant in 3 months. Don’t worry, it doesn’t affect his beautiful smile.

This week, we are trying to use up all the food in the freezer and fridge so we can leave the house as lean as possible. Jason and I are frantically getting our work done so we can leave with a light load. He will be working from the road, and scheduled all his real estate inspections this week. Poor guy couldn’t take a day off for his tooth! I will be working eventually and have the first two weeks off as vacation time. This will allow me to settle in to a rhythm before having to take out my work computer.

Departure Date: Saturday June 25th! First Stop: West Virginia!

(Above photo: notice Maggie is perched on top of all our bags in the trunk. Yoshi is the black triangle on Carter’s lap in the lower right corner. The car will not be this loaded.)

3 responses to “Packing, Organizing & Amazon Ordering”

  1. Great job Jason for making your trip one tooth lighter! Bon voyage! Can’t wait to hear alllllllll about it!


  2. Philip Weinstein Avatar
    Philip Weinstein

    Don’t forget garbage bags; useful for refuse but also clothes that need washing. You were going to send me the name and telephone number of your tenant. Also, how do I identify the keys you are leaving for me? Love, Dad

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Lenore Delman Avatar
    Lenore Delman

    Ready, set, go!!! I read somewhere that we should label the cubes!! You are on your way to a great adventure!!! Have fun!!love Lenore

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