Our first stop on the journey

It’s Spring Break and our first “practice trip” in the camper has arrived. We spent Friday prepping – Jason de-winterized the water, and to do so, we had to hook up the camper and pull it closer to the house to reach the hose. This worked out well, because then we were all hooked up and ready to go on Saturday morning. We rolled out Saturday morning at about 9am and I could finally take a deep breath and get excited for the trip!

Can you see Carter under there?

Jason surprised us by booking the ferry from Cape May to Delaware. We got there about 11:30 for a 1pm ferry. We were hoping to get lunch there but the food looked like bad cafeteria food. So we opened up the camper and made peanut butter sandwiches in it! A first taste of the convenience of a kitchen on wheels.

This is the best I could do to get the 6 of us in one picture
Exiting the ferry

We stopped in Rehoboth, DE for one night in a public campground. It was about 50 degrees but because we were right on the beach, the wind was non-stop and chilly. So we ate our dinner inside and even put the heat on to take the chill out of the camper. Oh, and we learned a few things. We unhooked the camper and leveled it and got it all set… and realized the sewer hose wouldn’t reach the hook up. So we had to hook it all up again and move forward about 10 feet, and set it all up again. Lesson learned! Not bad for the first time.

See that brown hose on the ground? This time it will reach!
We were all very cold and hungry at this point! Oh, and I completely ruined the mashed potatoes. Too much milk. Another lesson learned.

First night: Sleep was not great. The dogs don’t know what to do with themselves. And they are big. And the wind was howling all night and knocking the cap to the sewer hose all night long (knock knock knock…. Quiet… knock knock knock….) . But we were warm and comfy and all good.

The beach was a walk from the campsite

We packed up pretty easily in the morning and drove all day to the Outer Banks! Delaware is now checked off the list of states we’ve visited.

3 responses to “Our first stop on the journey”

  1. Nice job on the beginning of this adventure! 🙂


  2. Philip Weinstein Avatar
    Philip Weinstein

    Your narrative is wonderful so warm and inclusive. I thought I was there with you. Keep learning and enjoying. Love, Dad


  3. Because I have watched RV videos on You Tube, I know that you can also purchase a much longer sewer hose.


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